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This station is committed to serve the West Philadelphia community, and anyone is welcome to get involved. As a volunteer-run project, there’s no shortage of ways to contribute.


  • Come to a Monthly Meeting, held the first Monday of every month, for an orientation to the station at 6pm and a general membership meeting at 6:30. These meetings are held at the WPEB studio, located at 541 S. 52nd Street (southeast corner of 52nd and Hazel).
  • Become a Member. This is the best way to help the station. Members shape the direction of the station by voting on important issues. They pay yearly dues on a sliding scale ($25-$50) and volunteer on a station committee. Download a membership application from the bottom of the page.
  • Join one of the 4 standing committees: Outreach, Technology, Programming, or Fundraising
  • Apply to Produce an On-Air Program. Have an idea for a Music, Public Affairs, Spoken Word/Poetry, News/Weather, Short Feature or Radio Drama? Scroll down to download an application.
  • Introduce WPEB to community groups with whom you’re affiliated. Churches, block organizations, school groups, neighborhood associations, community centers, nonprofits and others should all get involved with the station. WPEB can give them a presence on the airwaves and help them better reach their constituencies, while the efforts of those groups can help support the station.
  • Volunteer as a non-Member on a committee or sign up online for our occasional calls for volunteers.
  • Make a donation or contact an inter-committee liaison to make a donation of services or items. As a noncommercial radio station, all donations are tax-deductible. Contact the Chairs of the Fundraising Committee for a receipt.
  • Underwrite a Show. This is a great way to help support a community radio station while spreading word about your business. Underwriting is significantly cheaper than standard advertising, but there are certain limits to what exactly can be broadcast.
  • Check the To-Do list on the WPEB website and help with the items listed there.
  • LISTEN and spread the word about the station and its mission. Basic fliers are available at the bottom of this page. Download them, pass them out, and leave them with businesses and community organizations.


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2 Responses to Support Us

  1. ​​
    ​​Dear WPEB

    I am writing to enquire if your radio station may be interested in broadcasting the one hour weekly show titled the Deuce Show.

    The Deuce Show is currently being broadcast on 30 radio stations globally, and features new independent bands and artists from all over the world who are promoted by DEUCE. You can listen to the latest shows by clicking on the link below:

    If you would like to broadcast the show, please reply back with your radio logo and the time and day you intend to play it. Alternatively, if you have any queries, please email me or I would be happy to discuss further over the phone or via Skype.

    Further information on DEUCE can be found on our website

    Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you again soon

    Best regards

    Rob Saunders

    • Renee McBride-Williams says:

      Thank you for your inquiry. You can reach me after 4pm. Mon-Fri
      at 267-276-5136
      Renee McBride-Williams
      Gen. Mgr

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