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WPEB 88.1 FM was founded by Scribe Video Center. Scribe Video Center was founded in 1982 as a place where emerging and experienced media artists could gain access to the tools and knowledge of video making and work together in a supportive environment. Scribe provides training in all aspects of film, video and audio production. We also offer classes in computer-based interactive media to individuals and community organizations as well. We give emerging and mid-level video makers the skills and opportunity to use video and film as tools for self-expression and for representing and supporting their communities.

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Radio performing arts series, ARTS ON AIR!

Arts on Air (121 of 122)

Scribe’s “Arts On Air” project highlights five community based organizations in West Philadelphia.

Keepers of the CultureStories of Community Advocates

Listen to:
  Sade T.M Alexander (Storyteller: Queen Nur)

 Paul Robeson (Storyteller Denise Valentine)

Louise Williams Bishop (Storyteller Mildred Crig)

Falaka Fattah (Storyteller Nashid Ali)

Joan Myers Brown (Storyteller Sis. Dr. Caroliese Frink Reed)

Philadelphia Folklore Project with the Liberian Women’s Chorus for Change

Listen to:

Al-Bustan: Seeds of Culture

Interview with Hanna Khoury and Ahmad Almallah

Interview with Kinan Abou-afach and Kareem Roustom


Community Education CenterUnsung Heroes

Part 1: Listen Here

Part 2: Listen Here

Mighty Writers West3 Tre Trio/Open Mike Night
Listen Here

Arts On Air is sponsored by PNC Bank

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The Czar of Jazz welcomes the legendary “Mighty Burner,” Sonny Hopson to the WPEB studio!

Sonny “The Mighty Burner” Hopson is one of the pioneers of Black American Soul radio.Sonny’s cool sounding rapid rhythmic style set a new standard for Philadelphia radio broadcasting. Later, Sonny with the Concerned Communicators, were instrumental in challenging radio station programming policies as it relates to the African American community.

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